Up to date, GNFI has featured 15 different products of Indonesian brands that are sold worldwide. Now, just like those very famous rock bands that release a best compilation album, GNFI would like to post an Indonesia's Global Brands compilation. We really hope that this list will give you another insight of how potentially good we are and now you know we have good brands to rely on. So, next time you have to buy any of the below mentioned products, please make sure you choose the Indonesia's Global Brands! Part 1: Fashion Part 2: Tools and Machinery Part 3: Tires Part 4: Tiles Part 5: Electronics Part 6: Bicycle Part 7: Guitar Part 8: Software Part 9: E-Handcraft Part 10: Energy Drink Part 11: Adventure Bag Part 12: Beauty Products Part 13: Jeans and Accessories Part 14: Battery Part 15: Snacks

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