'Alangkah Lucunya Negeri Ini' Goes To Academy Awards

'Alangkah Lucunya Negeri Ini' Goes To Academy Awards
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Who said that Indonesian movie will never be good enough to compare with Hollywood movies?  Alangkah Lucunya Negeri Ini (How Funny This Country Is), a movie directed by Deddy Mizwar, has been chosen to represent Indonesia in the Academy Awards 2011, the biggest movie festival  in the world. "The Academy Awards requests every country to send its best movie every year, for category 'Best Foreign Language Movie'.", said Deddy Mizwar.  "Let's be grateful because we still have the chance to send the movie, because it means The Academy Award committee trusts Indonesian movie." FFI (Indonesia Movie Festival) committee chose 'Alangkah Lucunya Negeri Ini' because what happened in the movie is also happening in the lower class of Indonesian. The story is very honest and straight-forward, representing Indonesia in some aspects. Although 'Alangkah Lucunya Negeri Ini' has to go through some judgment before truly being nominated in the "Best Foreign Language Movie" category, Deddy said he doen't think much about that. "I just want to make a good movie, that's all. it's better for us to join the competition, than just seeing it. " To me, Alangkah Lucunya Negeri Ini is a good movie, although the story portrayed in it is not something to be happy with. I've seen it once and I must say that the movie is ironic. But it also makes us think about Indonesia and how to make it better. I can see why FFI chose the movie, and I hope it will make through the nomination. News Source: Okezone Photo Source: Alangkah Lucunya Negeri Ini Facebook page

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