Koprol, A Local Site That Attracts Yahoo!

Koprol, A Local Site That Attracts Yahoo!
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The GNFI team has reviewed a little about Koprol, so here is the full explanation. Are you a big social-networking fan? A Facebook user? An active Tweeter? Or a Kaskus addict? Then you really should try this one: Yahoo! Koprol. By the way, before we start, I think we should know what's the word 'koprol' means. Koprol means 'front roll', one of the most basic techniques  of gymnastic. Before Yahoo! koprol, the site's name was  koprol.com. It was established in July 2008 by Satya Witoelar, Fajar Budi Prasetyo, and Daniel Armanto. Koprol is a combination of Twitter, Plurk and Brightkite. So you can post your status, comment on others and also put your location in it, because this geo-socialnetwork is focused on mobile phone. Sounds interesting, right? Wait, this is not the best part just yet. In  May 2010, Yahoo! acquires Koprol. The acquisition makes Indonesia the fourth Asian country to have a site that attracted Yahoo interest to be its partner, after Taiwan, China, and Dubai, and the first country in South East Asia.  The development of Koprol is now growing faster, so is the number of users.
Check this article I found:
Yahoo announced today that it has acquired Koprol, a location-based social network in Indonesia. The service is similar to Foursquare and Gowalla, enabling users to connect and share photos, reviews and other information in real-time using their mobile phone browser.Yahoo explains that the company “is focused on providing personally relevant content to its global users on multiple devices and access points” and that it plans to “leverage the rich community of information generated by Koprol users to make its properties and applications, including its homepage and media and communications products, even more locally relevant.” What makes Koprol more interesting is the features in it. Another article says, Koprol has built a strong presence among the youth of Indonesia, connecting the social graph using both mobile phones & web. Interestingly there is support for ordinary mobile phones with simple GPRS connection as well, which helps them to cash on a larger market of mobile users. It means we don't have to have a fabulous mobile phone to use Koprol. See? That's probably why Koprol could attract Yahoo. Koprol is just different. It's now just a matter of time until we see foreigners posting status in Koprol. So, let's KOPROL everyone! News Sources: Mashable, Wikipedia, Pluggd, Dohopariwara , Tempointeraktif, flashmavi Photo Source: Topnews

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