Indonesia's Achivements In 2010 Science Olympics

Indonesia's Achivements In 2010 Science Olympics
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Indonesia, like other countries do, regularly participates in International Olympiads every year. What makes us proud is the fact that the teams always bring back medals home. It happens every year. This year is no exception, many of our students achieved medals and prizes. I'm now gonna give you the lists of the achievements Indonesia received this year, in the international scientific competitions. 1. At the 41st International Physics Olympiad that was held from 17-25 July 2010 in Zagreb, Croatia, four of Indonesia students won gold medals, and one won silver. Here is the list of the name: Gold Medals1. Muhammad Sohibul Maromi2. Christian m George Emor3. David Giovanni4. Kevin SoedyatmikoSilver medalAhmad Ataka Awwalur Rizqi

2. At the 42nd International Chemistry Olympiad that was held from 19 - 28 July in Tokyo, Japan, Indonesia also bagged home some medals. Our students achieved a gold medal, a silver and two bronzes. Here is their names: Gold MedalManoel ManuputtySilver MedalAlimatun NashiraBronze Medal1. Stephen Yuwono2. Agung Hartoko

3. At the 51st International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO 2010) held from 2 to 14 July in Astana, Kazakhstan, our students received one silver medal, four bronzes and 1 honorable mention.  Check out their names: Silver MedalAhmad ZakyBronze Medals1. Tobi Moektijono2. Stefanus Lie3. Raja Oktovin Parhasian Damanik4. Johan GunardiHonorable MentionRonald Widjojo

4. At the 21st International Biology Olympiad held in Changwon, Korea on July 11-18, 2010, Indonesia won 2 gold medals and 2 bronzes. Gold Medals1. Irfan Haris2. Harun Reza SugitoBronze Medals1. Danang Crysnanto2. Thoriq Salafi

These young and smart students who came from various cities in Indonesia have made superb performances abroad that we really should appreciate and support. They also proved that Indonesians are smart and will never lose compared to other countries. News Source: The Jakarta Post , ICHO 2010, IPHO 2010 , IMO 2010, IBO 2010 Photo Source: IndonesiaProud , alrasyidblog, kabarbisnis

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