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Astonishing Performances by Indonesian Children

Farah Fitriani Faruq
Farah Fitriani Faruq
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Astonishing Performances by Indonesian Children
If Indonesian footballers are always considered weak and not good enough to compare with other countries, then this achievement could change that perception. in Danone Nations Cup (DNC) 2010 held in Pretoria, South Africa, from september 29 to oktober 3rd,  our football team had proved that Indonesia is back in the game. Danone Nations Cup is a regular international Football match held by Danone, a giant food and beverage company. due to H1N1 circumstances in 2009, Danon delayed last year's DNC and hold it this year. there are 2 games held this year, one for DNC 2009 and the other one for DNC 2010. 45 countries participate in this 'world cup alike' game, and each of them send two teams for 2009 and 2010. In this international football tournament for children under 12, Indonesia was represented by two teams, one from Malang, East Java, and the other team came from Semarang, Central Java. children in team SSB Banteng Muda (Indonesian Team 2010) from Malang has made a remarkable achievement by placing themself in the 15th place. the other team, SSB Pengcab Semarang (Indonesian Team 2009), even did better. they're now placed as the sixth best team in the competition, and the best Asian team in DNC. here is the list of their names : Indonesian TEAM 2010 (SSB Banteng Muda, Malang)
  • Yusuf Wahyu
  • Wahyu Surya
  • Nanda Ilham
  • Bayu Harimurti
  • Dwi Adi
  • Andhika
  • Andrian Khairul
  • Muhammad Febri
  • Riski
  • Dela Maulana
  • Adhimas
  • Tio Spata
  • Arman Safril
  • Hendra Putra
Indonesian Team 2009 (SSB Pengcab Semarang)
  • Awan Setho
  • Tryusa Rio Prasetyo
  • Rivaldo Adhitya
  • Ellfeba Syamsidh
  • Irvian Izhar
  • Reinaldi Dwi
  • Muhamad
  • Gersom Asiniroha Alfa
  • Dheni Revika
  • Dwi Chandra
  • Muhammad Fasya
  • Habel Kevin
  • Dear Adi
  • Siswo
well, you must be never thought that Indonesian children are doing better in football than the national team, right? yeah, beside making a stunning performance in the field, these children also have established theirselves to become a perfect role model to every Indonesian footballer. They are young but their spirits will be never gone.  Good Job, boys! News Source : bola okezone, danone nations cup, goal Photo Source : official gallery of Danone Nations Cup Thank you Mr. Iqbal for the news tips!
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