How Lindsay Grace Preserve Indonesian Culture

How Lindsay Grace Preserve Indonesian Culture
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Do you know Lindsay Grace? She is a Dutch who was crowned as Miss Universe Netherlands 2004, and Netherlands representative in Miss Universe 2004.  What so special about her, is that she is actually an Indonesian. Lindsay Grace is born from a European-Indonesian parentage, with her mother and grandmother born in Bogor, and a grandfather from Ambon, the Moluccas, while from her father’s side she counts a native of Palembang as her grandmother. Her radiant charm that comes from the wonderful Eurasian look, and a unique assertiveness, launched her face as the Amsterdam-based new spokesperson and ambassador to Europe for Garuda airlines, a responsibility that matches her eloquence and intellect as the Netherlands’ representative for Miss Universe 2004. “The job involves promoting Indonesian tourism, and not only the flag carrier Garuda, within the framework of Visit Indonesia Year 2008, but also to draw visitors to Indonesia and to recover the positive image of Indonesia and Garuda,” the professional model volunteered. “The ban on Garuda flights to Europe had people questioning for a while, yet as a member of IATA, Garuda has fulfilled the rigorous international standards and has resumed flights to Japan and Dubai. The positive image from the Dutch is that Garuda remains associated with beautiful stewardesses, excellent service and good food,” she elaborated.Always proud of her heritage as both a Dutch citizen with Indonesian parentage, which she proudly displayed during the Miss Universe pageant, among other things by serving Nasi Goreng as the Dutch National dish and with her modern sarong kebaya signature, she embraced the role of spokesperson gladly, “It is a big honour and a big role, but I don’t think of it as a big challenge, as people are not negative about Indonesia and Garuda. They just need to be pushed into the right direction.” This professional model is now playing an important role in bridging two cultures and countries. Being spokeperson for Garuda in Europe provides her a lot of chances to promote Garuda and Indonesian's culture. Even though she's not really good in speaking Indonesian because she spends most of her life time in Netherlands, her way to preserve our culture is really should be appreciated. News Source : Indonesia Tatler Photo Source : Indonesia Tatler Thank you Miss Tresna Oktaviani for the news tips!

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