Flood From The Sky

Flood From The Sky
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Indonesia tourism industry is arguably growing. This year, number of foreign tourists visiting the archipelago nation will surpass 7 million, beating forecast of 6.7 million.

Numerous airlines (some of them might be something new to you) are adding Indonesia into their new routes, in addition to already flooded aviation market.

Recently, we just got information that Mihin Lanka, Sri Lanka’s national budget airline will commence direct flights to Jakarta starting Dec 2010.

Bali and Manila may soon be connected by Philippines Airlines ( PAL ) with services planned to commence in December 2010. The popularity of Bali as a tourist destination continues to grow. PAL has a good network from Japan, Korea and China to Manila; therefore, opening Manila-Bali means business for the airlines.

Strategic Airline of Australia have added more flights to Bali. Al-Wafeer, a Saudi-based airline had earlier said they'd commence direct flight from Jeddah to Jakarta, Iranian Mahan Air has also added Jakarta as their 14th destination. Russia-based airlines Aeroflot and Transaero have also showed their interest to open route to Jakarta or Bali.

Akhyari Hananto, Founder of Good News From Indonesia network and an airlines enthusiast.

Source: Bali Discovery, Sunday Observer, The Jakarta Post, Antara

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