You Can Do Anything In Indonesia

You Can Do Anything In Indonesia
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Fransoa has been gaining momentum on Youtube lately.  Since he was featured on the Jakarta Globe a couple of days ago, he’s been getting 10,000 views per day.  It’s quite possible that this song could become insanely popular in Indonesia, certain elements make it appealing to the average Indonesian – the guy is a family man, he’s a bule (Westerner) yet humble because he can’t handle too much money.  If the melody sounds familiar, then you might have heard your parents playing PPM songs when you were a baby.  Well, hopefully the song will make him rich and we will see what he really does with his money then.

Indonesia really is a place where a Westerner can do a lot of things that would be dreams in their homeland.  Two of my former colleagues convinced a bunch of Indonesian musicians to join them in a band, even though they had no musical experience themselves.  They even released a couple of CDs.  My neighbour became a popular talk back radio announcer, even though he’d not so much as put a foot into a radio station before he left England.  What I’m trying to say is – you can go a lot further than white water rafting or parasailing during your expat experience in Indonesia.

As for myself, I haven’t done anything so dramatic.  Although I’ve had experiences that my friends and colleagues at home would consider huge lies if I ever told them.

It’s not for everyone though.  You’ll need a tolerant attitude and a heap of patience.  I’ve seen a lot of expats who came to Indonesia hoping it would solve their problems.  None of them lasted.  You need to solve your problems before you go to a place like Indonesia, or accept that you will carry them with you until you do face them.

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