Another Power Plant to Decrease Electricity Crisis

Another Power Plant to Decrease Electricity Crisis
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While being interviewed by Cosmopolitan FM on October 22, 2010, GNFI said that Indonesia has been developing faster than ever. I know it's kinda hard to believe, and you might think that GNFI was exaggerating, But it is true. Our country is better than it used to be . It is proved by the improvement of many aspects, for example, the decreasing of electricity crisis. Central Java to Build Six Power PlantsFriday, 22 October, 2010 | 15:34 WIBTEMPO Interactive, Semarang:Central Java will build six power plants, according to Anung Sugihantono, the Central Java Regional Investment Board Chief.He said five of these power plants will be offered to the Central Java Infrastructure Business Forum in Jakarta, on October 27. The other project is now being tendered.“We hope that investors will be interested, so Central Java can have investments soon. At the same time, the electricity crisis can also be tackled,” Anung said yesterday.The five projects include the heat-generated Power Plant (PLTP) in Baturaden, Banyumas, with a 185 megawatt potential worth Rp 6,3 trillion in investment; the Telomoyo PLTP in Semarang, with 92 megawatt potential (US$ 276 million); the Gunung Lawu PLTP in Karanganyar, with 325 megawatt potential (US$ 925 million); the Kalibening Microhydro Power Plant in Banjarnegara, 3 megawatt potential (Rp 45 billion); and the Curug Cipendok Microhydro Power Plant in Banyumas, with 0,58 megawatt potential (Rp 10 billion).The Guci power-generator plant in Tegal, having 100 megawatt potential and investment value estimated at Rp3,5 trillion, is currently being tendered out. News Source: Tempo Interaktif Photo Source: teundiksha Thanks to Ahmad Saiful Muhajir for the news tips!

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