A Painter From London In Bali

A Painter From London In Bali
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Last week GNFI posted an article about a former football player from Australia who's having a traditional therapy to cure his cancer in Bali. This week, another good news came from Bali. This "Pulau Dewata" (island of gods) surely attracts a lot of foreigners. Once they visit Bali, they would be craving for going back. This also happen to Neal Adams. Adams, a painter from London, first visited Ubud in 1998. He sensed something unique about the town, and finally taking up permanent residence there in 2003. Adams has found a spiritual place which full of inspiration in his home, surrounded by green rice fields and fog-shrouded mountains of Ubud. He said, "I adored sitting in gardens but preferred to be within the depths of a forest with a pencil and sketch pad, to be in its silence, surrounded by its energy, I had a sense of calm.”

Neal Adam's painting succeeded to satisfy many art lovers. His paintings were sold out in his Indonesian debut at Jakarta’s Canna Gallery in July 2007.

His works are regularly traded at Masterpiece Auction House in Jakarta and each October, he exhibits his paintings in sold-out shows at the JL Gallery Modern Art & Design in California.  In Ubud, his works can be viewed at Orgone Gallery on Jalan Raya, Sanggingan, just up the road from Mozaic Restaurant. News Source: The Jakarta Globe Photo Source: The Jakarta Globe

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