Bringing Medals Home

Bringing Medals Home
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In the beginning of October 2010, GNFI posted a review about what Indonesia has achieved at four international science olympics .  there were so many medals that Indonesia bagged home the medals (you can check the review here), but those are not enough. Some of Indonesia's gifted students who just came back from China have brought us another set of medals that we really should appreciate. Yup, they are the winners of China Western Mathematical Olympiad (CWMO) 2010. CWMO is an annual mathematics competition that is held by China Mathematical Olympiad Committee. This year, there were 104 participants from 7 countries in the competition including Indonesia. CWMO 2010 was held in Taiyuan, China, on 26-31 october. Even though it is the first time for Indonesia to join the competition,  Indonesia successfully  proved that we are not 'green'. Our students surprisingly  made an outstanding performance there by getting home 1 gold medal, 1 silver, and 2 bronzes. Hall of fame: Gold MedalJohan GunardiSilver MedalStephen SanjayaBronze Medal1. Christa Lorenzia2. Ivan Koswara Feeling familiar with one of the names? The winner of gold medal, Johan Gunardi, is the one who won Bronze Medal at International Mathematics Olympiad 2010 in Kazakhstan, July 2010. Amazing, isn't it? I just couldn't stop wondering how they do it. They are just gifted. Anyway, congratulation guys! News Source: Kompas, Surya Institute Photo Source : Surya Institute

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