World Class Diving in Alor

World Class Diving in Alor
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Are you a diver? or a diving lover? Then you must be familiar with Bunaken, Gili Islands or Raja Ampat. those are the most famous diving spots in Indonesia. But do you know that there is another diving spot in Indonesia? A place called Alor, located in the east end of the lesser Sunda, an hour by plane from Kupang in Timor is a perfect spot for divers. What's so interesting about this place, beside its beautiful underwater scenery, is a resort that is run by a French couple. yup, Gilles and Neya Brignardello first beached a boat on the shore of Pantar, Alor, five years ago. feeling amazing because of its beauty, the couple then decided to open a dive resort in Pantar. The resort is very simple. you won't see everything you see in usual hotel. there's only seven bungalows available  strewn across an empty sand beach and set atop one of the most beautiful house reefs in all of Indonesia, a plenty of bottled water, coffee and tea, flower-scented soap, toothpaste and shampoo. There’s a fan, a shower with dodgy hot water and a comfortable bed. There's nothing better to do on Pantar beside eat, sleep, and dive. But that’s all the travelers that fly three hours east of Bali and bypass Bunaken want. What is so worthy about diving in Alor that makes several travelers want to visit it over and over again despite a long journey? The answer is in the water. The reef wall is insane. Above each diver’s dark shadow, innumerable fish flurry across the horizon and swim past at neck craning speeds. Everywhere there’s something else: A parrot fish, a school of barracuda a handful of huge tuna and dark outlines of millions of other fish on the horizon. As you settle at 25 meters, the tank tapping begins. another dive is over to the eastern tip of the island where a runway of anemones blanket a rocky slope for what feel like miles; neon pink and orange shag carpeting sways with the current. “The check dive,” Penelope, a tourist from Singapore, says in her second trip to the island. A check dive is meant to ease divers who might not have been in the water for a few months. “It was raining fish,” Penelope adds. “I’ve never seen so many fish before. The reef here is so pristine. You always have this feeling this impression that you might see something you’ve never seen before, that something might happen.” So, are you interested in visiting Alor to have a world class diving? Contact them at : Tel. 081317804133 News Source : The Jakarta Globe Photo Source : kupangklubhouse

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