The Wings of Professor Merlyna Lim

The Wings of Professor Merlyna Lim
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There are several Indonesian professors that have been internationally known because of their amazing works in their fields, like B.J. Habibie (read again here) and Nelson Tansu (Read about Nelson Tansu here). But they are not the only ones. At Arizona State University, there's also an Indonesian professor who is an expert in Information and Communication Studies. Her name (yes, it's a she) is Merlyna Lim. Merlyna Lim is a scholar studying ICT (Information and Communication Studies), particularly on the political shaping of the Internet in non-Western contexts. She is a faculty member of the School of Social TransformationJustice and Social Inquiry Program and theConsortium for Science, Policy and Outcomesat Arizona State University. She previously held a Networked Public Research Associate position at the Annenberg Center for Communication at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. She got her PhD, with distinction (cum laude), from University of Twente in Enschede, The Netherlands, with a dissertation entitled @rchipelago Online: The Internet and Political Activism in Indonesia. Her teaching and research interests revolve around mutual shaping of technology and society and political culture of science, technology, and cities, in relations to issues of globalization, democratization and (in)equity. At ASU, Professor Lim is leading research projects funded by the Ford Foundation (Advancing Public Media Interest in Indonesia, 2010-2012) and Office of Naval Research (Blogtracker: Analyzing Social Media for Cultural Modeling, 2010-2013), and being involved in the Nano-enabled city project funded by the National Science Foundation. She holds the following awards: Our Common Fellowship from the Volkswagen Foundation (2010), Faculty Star of Global Minds from ASU College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (2009), Annenberg Networked Publics Research Fellowship (2005-2006), Henry Luce Southeast Asia fellowship (2004), Oxford Summer Doctoral Fellowship (2003), NWO Wotro Fellowship (2003-2005), and ASIST International Paper Contest Winner (2002). She has been invited to give keynote speeches, public lectures, and various academic presentations in more than 70 occasions all over the world, including a keynote lecture at the Annual Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR) in 2006 in Brisbane, Australia. She is an active blogger, with blogs in English, Indonesian, and Sundanese. She's also interested in art, literature and music. If you want to read her writings, visit her blog on Mer's Bits of Bytes. News Sources: Wikipedia,ASU, Photo Source: capstrans, aroundscottsdale

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