Indonesia is A Sweet Cake

Indonesia is A Sweet Cake
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TEMPO InteractiveJakarta:Never underestimate Indonesia. It is true that the internet connection in Indonesia is not as good as in Singapore, Malaysia or even Vietnam. But Indonesia is a “sweet cake,” attracting big players. Yahoo!, in cooperation with TNS (Kantar Media), Nielsen and Synovate, for the second time announced its Net Index Study in South East Asia. Net Index 2010 is used by entrepreneurs to look at business opportunities in every country based on internet users’ growth. They concluded that Indonesia is the biggest market with the highest growth in South East Asia online market. In 2009, the growth was only 22 percent, meanwhile this year it has reached 48 percent. As a consequence, internet stalls have lost its customers because people start to access the internet through cell phones. Yahoo! recorded that in 2009, 83 percent of internet users used internet stalls. This year the number has declined to 64 percent. Meanwhile, according to IDC NMMM, Indonesia has about 25.4 million internet users. In 2009, from that amount, 63.4 percent accessed it through mobile internet. This year it had reached 69.3 percent. Next year, the number is projected to increase 73.2 percent. FIRMAN News Source : Tempo Interactive Photo Source :

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