Stunning Photos from Indonesian

Stunning Photos from Indonesian
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Recently, an amateur photographer from Indonesia had his photos published in Daily Mail, a famous mass media in UK. the photographer is Andiyan Lutfi, from Cibinong. his photos became headline on Science and Tech Page. Daily Mail praised the photos as "Stunning" and "Astonishing". here, check what Daily Mail wrote to accompany the photos. Article 1:Like us, they don't take kindly to having their home invaded by a stranger.So when a fly landed in their midst, these ants wasted no time in setting upon their uninvited guest. As this stunning photo shows, the airborne insect may have been more than double the size of its attackers but it didn't stand a chance against their combined might.

The extraordinary spectacle is part of a series of macro photographs, showing the tiny creatures in breathtaking detail we would not be able to detect with the naked eye.Amateur photographer Andiyan Lutfi took the incredible shots at his own home in Cibinong Village, Indonesia.

Article 2:

In one of his photographs a group of hungry ants clamour to get their hands on a delicious chocolate brownie he had left on a pile of leaves.

The tiny creatures can't seem to get enough of the sweet treat - one lifts himself up on his hind legs to get a bite while his companion enjoys a mouthful of chocolate.

Mr Lutfi, 37, said: 'I took these pictures in my garden - the ants live in the base of a mango tree.'I often see them at work and think they're amazing. People are so surprised by the pictures because they each seem to tell their own story.'The red ant, known in Indonesia as the Rang-Rang, lives in colonies where each has their own role as either worker, drone or queen.The colony is so important to the creatures that they would sacrifice themselves to protect their home.

News Source : Daily Mail

Photo Source : Daily Mail

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