Young Computer Experts Lectured ITB Students

Young Computer Experts Lectured ITB Students
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Three teenage computer developers from Bandung, West Java, were scheduled to share their experience in the development of antivirus software, websites and computer games, with students of Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), on Friday afternoon. Those making presentations include Arrival Dwi Sentosa and his brother Taufik, a second-grade student of SMPN 48 Bandung junior high school who created ARTAV Anti Virus,

and Muhammad Yahya Harlan, a first-grade student of SMP Alam Bandung who created the site, an Indonesian muslim social-networking.

The 12-year-old Fahma Waluya Rosmansyah who made his name developing games applications for mobile devices is also scheduled to speak.

"The lectures are aimed at inspiring Indonesian children," event organizer spokesman Yusep Rosmansyah said. "Some experts also want to understand [the children's] expertise," Yusep said as quoted by Each gave a 20-minute presentation and took questions for 10 minutes. News Source : The Jakarta Post Photo Source : pikiran rakyat

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