Will RIM Build BB Manufacturer in Indonesia?

Will RIM Build BB Manufacturer in Indonesia?
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Research in Motion (RIM) plans to build a BlackBerry manufacturer in India, which may likely be the main exporting BlackBerry country in Asia.

"Indonesia is an important and strategic market for RIM. The country's mobile sector grows fast and is open for further expansion," RIM's spokesperson told Hindu Business News today.

In Asia, including India and Indonesia, RIM has been marked down as not having perfect record. BlackBerry users in India were earlier subjects to a regulation on content traffic: emails were scanned by local police departments.

On the other hand, the Indonesian Ministry of Information and Communication called for RIM to set up a BlackBerry manufacturer in Indonesia. Yet, RIM has instead planned to develop network aggregators in Asia whose location is adjacent to the archipelago.

RIM also offered the government to put up lawful interception over legal cases.

Moreover, the Indonesian government afterward urged RIM to ban porn sites from being accessed through BlackBerry devices.

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