A beautiful gadget Made in Indonesia

A beautiful gadget Made in Indonesia
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Zyrex as an Indonesia-based computer vendor who later had success trying to provide all classroom computers to the latest tablet pc, it still does not want to lose and miss with some great vendors from outside.

For the class of tablet computers, Zyrex relying OnePad that some time ago have renewal or regeneration. Trying to compete in grade tablet computer with a specification that does not exist on the Apple iPad tablet and Samsung Galaxy tab earlier version, Zyrex introduced Zyrex OnePad SP 1110 series.


Zyrex OnePad SP 1110 has been officially introduced some time ago, and brought the 10 inch multitouch touch screen, 14 mm thin design weighing only 750 grams, Port HDMI support, Bluetooth, WiFi, micro SD slot, 512MB RAM, dual core processors from the same class ARM Cortex A9, and Google Android 2.2 Froyo system.

Zyrex OnePad SP 1110 was ready to use and access to thousands of free and paid applications on the Android Market.

Before arrival of Motorola Xoom, Apple iPad 2, and the latest version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 inch, this is still the only one that carries a tablet computer technology with dual core processor speed.

It can make all the access he was doing more light weight, fast, stable, and accelerates well to the various treat 3D content. Previously, it has showcased Zyrex two series namely tablets OnePad OnePad MS1110 series (Google Android & ARM Cortex A8) and OnePad MS 1210 (Windows 7 & Intel Atom N450).

Zyrex OnePad SP 1110, the price offered is also far more friendly than the Galaxy tab tablet pc version or the Apple iPad, Zyrex OnePad SP 1110 only costs USD $ 430-480.

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