Blaze of Love from the Sky

Blaze of Love from the Sky
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It was really a blast after 11 years. Indonesia used to have "Elang Biru (Blue Eagles)" as the official aerobatic team of Indonesian Airforce, however due to severe Asian economic crisis in 1997 onwards, it was then forced to halt... for 11 years.  Since then, I could only see other country's aerobatic teams showing off their maneuver.

It was until 2 days ago, during the 65th anniversary of Indonesian Air Force. when it finally took off and attracted admiration and long applause. It's under different name now, easy to remember, the JAT, which stands for Jupiter Aerobatic Team.  Jupiter Aerobatic Team (JAT) is currently the official aerobatic team of Indonesian Air Force, it was actually founded in in 1996 and all team members are Indonesian Air Force's instructors. Since 2011, JAT fly the KT-1B Woong Bee which is specially designed for for aerobatic purpose.

All pictures are courtesy of JAT

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