Indonesian Air Force to Buy One Squadron of Fighter Training Jets

Indonesian Air Force to Buy One Squadron of Fighter Training Jets
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The Indonesian air force (TNI AU) will buy one squadron of fighter training jets from South Korea at a cost of US$ 400 million. As many as 16 aircrafts will be sent by 2012. “The normal shipment period is 18 months, but we have asked them to accelerate it,” said Air Force Chief of Staff, Marshall Imam Sufaat, after the 65th anniversary celebration of the Indonesian Air Force at Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport, Jakarta, last Saturday. According to Marshall Imam Sufaat, the T-50 is compatible for the training of Sukhoi aircraft’s pilots. The aircraft also has a similar capability as the United States’ F16 planes, which can be used for light attacks. “Before using the Sukhoi, they will be trained to use that aircraft,” The operational cost of training using Sukhoi is high. Imam explained that the program is part of the Minimum Essential Force long term policy to replace 30 years old aircrafts and over. Taken from Tempo Interactive

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