River Cruise in Palangkaraya

River Cruise in Palangkaraya
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Among Kalimantan’s many spectacular natural assets, the long, winding rivers that snake for miles on end through its lush jungles are undoubtedly some of the most awe-inspiring. Tourists to this famous rainforest-filled island can enjoy its amazing waterways aboard a traditional Kalimantan boat. These wooden boats are the local population’s primary mode of transportation and the boats are often decorated to such a degree that a trip on one is sure to be a memorable experience.

While sailing down one of Kalimantan’s calm rivers, you’ll be able to breathe in the fresh jungle air while feasting on one of the lushest environments to be found anywhere on the planet. Don’t be surprised to find yourself stumbling across troops of orangutans and friendly locals, who will often approach you with curiosity if the tour leader takes you to a traditional village on the banks of the river.

Source: www.garudamagazine.com

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