Indonesian Robot Teams Won Big!

Indonesian Robot Teams Won Big!
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This is a kind of old story but still worth to read. Indonesian students have successfully, once again, put Indonesia in honorable places in international competition. Robot assembly teams from Indonesia won a competition held from April 9-11 at the 18th Trinity College Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest in Hartford, Connecticut, the United States. Robots sent by Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Gadjah Mada University (UGM) and Unikom snatched awards, and beat 124 countries which also sent its representatives. Three robots assembled by students of Unikom, who represented Indonesia for the RoboWaiter category, were victorious on the first day. In this competition, RoboWaiter was a robot category designed to run simulation activities to help humans. the Robot, DU99 RWE placed first in the Advanced RoboWaiter category and scored 636.736, followed by Canada and US. another two robots from Unikom are DU99 RWS-4 and DU99 RWS, which ranked first and second respectively in the Entry Level Robo Waiter category, leaving Israel in the third place. Two robots, named ASA and Zarqun, scored victories on the second day, respectively the first and second ranking, in the walking robot category. The two were created by ITB students to represent legged robots. UGM students  who went there to compete in Senior Wheeled Robot category also gained some applauses by winning the category in the first and second place. the robots, Koplax and Iron Fire, completed Indonesia's winning in the annual robot competition. news source : the jakarta post, kompas

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