Indonesian Students Grabbed the International Science Golds

Indonesian Students Grabbed the International Science Golds
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Some Indonesian students have won a gold medal in an international science competition in Tblisi, Georgia, an official with Santa Laurensia school in South Tangerang said Wednesday. Santa Laurensia spokesperson Risa said in a press statement sent to The Jakarta Post that Christie Angelia Ruslim and Juan, both students from high school SMA Santa Laurensia, earned a gold medal for their research project titled, “The utilization of processed tire waste in joint sealant”. They presented their findings at the 5th International Young Inventors Project Olympiad in Tblisi, Georgia, between May 13 and 15. Hundreds of students aged between 12 and 19 from 38 countries took part in the contest. “In the research, the students developed a material of tire waste mixed with asphalt polymer and coconut fiber to fortify sealant,” she said. The mixed materials have a low penetration point and high soft point that can be used as joint sealant on road and bridge concrete construction. The students will arrive at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport on Thursday afternoon using Turkish Airways flight TK 0066. News Source: The Jakarta Post

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