BALI among MOST PREFERRED DESTINATION for Chinese Tourists in 2011

BALI among MOST PREFERRED DESTINATION for Chinese Tourists in 2011
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Bali once again received worldwide recognition when it received an Award as one of the Top Ten Favorite Tourist Destinations in the World for Chinese citizens. The Award was received by Indonesian Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Mongolia, H.E. Mr. Imron Cotan during the 1st Global Tourism Thermal List—the Most Preferred Tourist Attractions for the Chinese in 2011, at a ceremony held at the Beijing Broadcast Building on June 16th 2011. The Award presentation was attended by the head of the PRC Tourism Administration Office, representatives of the PRC Tourism Institute, Beijing Tourism Development Committee, Foreign Travel Bureaus in Beijing, and members of the press. The ceremony was recorded by the Travel Channel and is scheduled to be aired on June 26th 2011 at 20.00, local time. Selection of the top ten favorite tourist destinations in the world for Chinese citizens 2011 was done through a poll conducted by the Beijing People’s Broadcasting Station since April 25th. Internet users and radio audiences had chosen 10 of their favorite destinations among 68 destinations around the world. The top ten favorite destinations were: Bali, Australia, Cape Town, Edinburgh, Hawaii, Madrid, Egypt, Niagara Falls, Paris and Switzerland. Bali was recognized as the only Asian tourist destination polled. Bali had also been rewarded “the Best Leisure Destination in Asia Pacific” by Business Travelers Asia Pacific Hong Kong Magazine in 2010. From over 50 million Chinese tourists traveling abroad in 2010, Bali was visited by 196.925 Chinese tourists.

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