Cesc Fabregas in Indonesia!

Cesc Fabregas in Indonesia!
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This is a news that made my girlfriend begged me to take her to Bali just so she can be a stalker. As if I'd do that! Hahaha...her favorite football player was in town! Captain of Arsenal, Cesc Fabregas was in Jakarta and Bali from 21st of June 2011 to promote a U-14 football competition in Den Pasar, Bali. His visit is as an ambassador of a local biscuit product, “Biskuat”. In Jakarta, Fabregas stayed at the same hotel room where President Barrack Obama stayed few months ago during his visits to Jakarta. “It’s nice to know im in the same room where Mr Obama stayed when he came here a few months ago. Feeling privileged. Good night my friends!” wrote Fabregas on his Twitter. On Thursday (23/6), Fabregas fled to Bali, Den Pasar, where he along with Indonesian Footballer, Bambang Pamungkas (who is, MY favorite football player!) had their next schedule to meet the fans at Sports Building Ngurah Rai. Hundreds of children have waited for their arrival for hours, and couldn’t hide their excitement to meet their idols face to face. And for the next assignment, Fabregas will give 10 days of training for the team that won the competition. Fabregas had expressed his admiration for the people of Indonesia, whom he said are friendly in welcoming guests. "I know you guys (Indonesian fans) are incredible. You treat others with respect," Fabregas said in a press conference in the Ballroom of Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi in Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Wednesday, June 22, 2011. Good to know you enjoyed your time in Indonesia, Cesc. Sources: VIVAnews.com and Cescfabregasfans.com

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