Ladies, Get Ready for David Archuleta!

Ladies, Get Ready for David Archuleta!
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American Idol David Archuleta says he “cannot wait” to perform at the POND’S Teens Concert in Jakarta on July 16 after he was flooded with messages of support from his Indonesian fans. “I’m so excited, I would just like to thank you guys for all your support on Twitter and all the excitement that you guys have been showing,” the pop singer said in a video posted on the Internet. “It means so much and makes it even more exciting to come and I would just like to invite everyone to come [to the concert] for the performance.” Archuleta also responded to a number of questions posed by his Indonesian fans. In response to one question, Archuleta told viewers that he was “looking forward to seeing a lot of the local Indonesian artists that will be performing.” “I know it’s a well-known event for teenagers and I appreciate that it’s a positive thing for teenagers. I like to be a part of positive things for teenagers,” he said. Asked what made him excited about Indonesia, Archuleta said he had been looking forward to traveling to the country for a long time. “I’ve been thinking of coming to Indonesia a lot. I’ve tried to come a lot of times and unfortunately it just didn’t work out,” he said. “When this invite came ... it will just be really great to come and finally get to meet ... everyone. I can’t wait to see the fans.” He also acknowledged his local fans who had helped propel his name up as one of the most Tweeted topics recently. Archuleta, asked about his impressions of Indonesian girls, said he didn’t have “a lot of experience” with the local ladies. “I hope I get to know more about them during my visit. And not just the girls but also all my fans and just Indonesia itself.” Source: The Jakarta Globe

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