How Malang interests Japan

How Malang interests Japan
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Malang, E Java (ANTARA News) - An Osaka businessman said he became interested in building a tuna processing plant in Malang regency, East Java. The Indonesian Consul General in Osaka Ibnu Hadi when accompanying a group of Japanese businessmen in Malang on Friday said besides the plan to build a tuna processing plant, they are also wished to invest in the raising sugar cane. "Indonesia has been supplying sugar cane leaves for processing in Japan, therefore they were interested in building a factory here, with the products for export," he said. In relation to tuna, Hadi said the catching of tuna in Malang regency especially in the Sendang Biru coast is very potential, and can also be exported to Japan. In response to the interest of the Japanese businessmen, Malang regency administration secretary Abdul Malik said he will support anybody for investment in the area. "We have already met before, and they are not only interested in building an industry in Malang, but also develop the tourism sector there," he said. Malik added that Malang Raya is very potential in marketing tourism to the Japanese, which is also favorable due to the Denpasar-Malang flight route. (*)

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