Indonesia in World Stage

Indonesia in World Stage
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Indonesia is a big hit this year. Making full use of its leadership in ASEAN, Indonesia host numerous international events: World Economic Forum, ASEAN Regional Forum, Int'l Enterpreneur Awards, East Asia Summit, etc. Well, hosting such events is relatively easy, and that's one thing. Bringing in world hotshots is another thing. Indonesia successfully, so far, brought in world leaders, investors, and businessmen, same people who came to Davos for that famous annual forum.

I am sure it's because Indonesia has successfully transformed itself into a promising country where opportunity to grow is so obvious, and heard worldwide. I met a Singaporean in Surabaya during the ASEAN Regional Forum, he said that it's not easy to host so many events and at the same time getting RSVP from world figures. "Indonesia is different now. It's like China when the later started to roar back in late 80's," he said. "Overlooking Indonesia is certainly a loss. Most Singaporeans are aware that we need to tap this opportunity. Indonesia is growing, and it'll continue so," he added.

Maybe... unfortunately most Indonesians aren't aware of this.

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