Best Tourism for Indonesia

Best Tourism for Indonesia
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this is a kind of old story but good to read. in 2008, Spain’s travel magazine Viajes y Turistico gave an award to Indonesia as the best travel destination for the future which offered tradition and enchantment (premio mejor destino turistico de futuro). Executing Social Function and Cultural Embassy in Madrid, Allen Simarmata, as quoted by Antara news agency, said that the Director of Magazines Viajes y Turistico Faustino Castilla gave the award to Indonesia on the evening's best gift and travel awards at the Hotel Colon, Madrid. According to Allen Simarmata, assessment of the award Premio Mejor Destino Turistico de Futuro which Indonesia achieved was a magazine reader's poll Viajes y Turistico to charm and beauty of cultural tourism of Indonesia. it was the first Indonesia's achievement from Viajes y Turistica magazine. Allen said that the award was a result from tourism and culture promotion that had been done by the Indonesian Embassy, especially tourism promotion which cooperated with Department of culture and tourism in International tourism FITUR which held annually in Madrid. In special edition on January 2008, the magazine posted an article about the richness and the beauty of Indonesian culture titled “La belleza Turistica de Indonesia se ofrece a los viajeros espanoles” (Indonesia tourism enchantment presented on Spanish tourists) The award that was achieved by Indonesia has given a good and positive image and successfully increase the number of tourist from Spain. “Every year, more than 30.000 Spanish travel to Indonesia, and Bali is the main destination,” Allen Simarmata said. News Source: Posted in Good News From Indonesia by Muhammad Q Rusydan Edited by Farah Fitriani

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