Thank You Pak Raden

Thank You Pak Raden
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Along with Aksara bookstore, Ivy League celebrated the National Children Day on July 23rd in Aksara Kemang by arranging an event called ‘Terima Kasih Pak Raden’ to thank Mr. Suyadi also known as Pak Raden for his dedication and love for kids from time to time. It’s been years since he started his career, we may say and admit a lot of us have grown up with him; A passionate artist, a storyteller with his adorable thick mustache who used to stand so strong now has turned to be frail. Nevertheless, he doesn’t lose his charm on the stage and still amazed us with his expression, the kids whom he said would not understand the story because they are too young, listened very carefully to each word he said, and in fact the situation ran well. The Organizing Committee held a drawing contest which was followed by some kids. after the drawing contest there was Unyil movie screening, then Mondo (SORE) and Cholil (Efek Rumah Kaca) performed some songs to entertain the audience. not only that, Pak Raden also told us some old time story. At the end of the show, an auction was held; Pak Raden’s things like the legendary Unyil doll were offered there. From young folks to adults, students to musicians all gather up together with different aims. some come because they didn’t know him and curious, another people come simply to celebrate with their kids, and others come to watch his performance after long time not seeing any. But, you can feel an exact feeling when you enter the venue. everything was so lovely, warm and fun. Happy National Children day, celebrate it with your kids and have fun! written in Good News From Indonesia by Sherley Meiske edited by Farah Fitriani

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