Aceh Hosts International Folklore Festival

Aceh Hosts International Folklore Festival
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The six-day event, International Folklore Festival, which is held in Aceh has been started since July 23 2011. this international annual event features 180 participants from 12 countries, including Poland, Turkey, Italy, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Canada, Malaysia, Estonia and Lithuania. Aceh Deputy Governor Muhammad Nazar officially opened the festival on Saturday. just like last year, There is a competition in this festival. the winner will get 6000 dollar as their prize, the second winner will have 4000 dollar, and the third winner will bag 2000 dollar. Last year several people from Aceh participated in this event which was held in Cyprus and successfully won the third place. "This year's International Folklore Festival will be held in several regions in Indonesia. Aceh was chosen as the first region,  it will continue to be held in Bali," said Nazar. This activity is an event of cultural exchanges across the country that has become the agenda of the annual International Folklore Festival Committee. Organizing committee chief Adli Adli Abdulah said the decision to have Aceh host the festival showed the world recognized the province’s acclaimed culture. “We deserve to be proud that Aceh has become a host of the international folklore festival. This is a good opportunity to promote Indonesian culture to the world,” he said. The world may have known Aceh as the place which was destructed by Tsunami in 2004. This event could be an announcement  to the world that Aceh has recovered. And this could be an invitation for everyone to come and visit Aceh. So, have you been to Aceh? Source(s): for Good News From Indonesia by Elvira Silviani Edited by Farah Fitriani

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