"Air Asia ASEAN" Office in Jakarta

"Air Asia ASEAN" Office in Jakarta
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The airline AirAsia Bhd will not move its headquarters in low-cost airline terminal(LCCT) Sepang, Malaysia, to Jakarta. "There is absolutely no plan or desire to move corporate headquarters out of the country. And our fleet which is registered in Malaysia will continue to operate from the LCCT," said the company's management in a statement quoted by Bernama (Malaysian National News Agency) on Tuesday. The statement was to clarify earlier news that AirAsia will move its headquarter  from Malaysia to Indonesia. The management explained that the branch office in Jakarta  will be called the AirAsia ASEAN, which is under AirAsia. The decision to choose Jakarta as the location of regional office is because ASEAN Secretariat is located  in Jakarta. So this will help AirAsia more effectively present their ideas related to regional aviation and tourism growth. This is relevant because Indonesia ,as the current chairman of ASEAN, is committed to implement the ASEAN Connectivity initiative, he said. "Also, Indonesia's growth indicates an increased contribution to GDP of ASEAN in the next few years, and AirAsia will continue making ASEAN office in Jakarta to help increasing our visibility and profile in the most populous country in the region," he said. Source: id.berita.yahoo.com Posted on Good News From Indonesia by Elvira Silviani

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