Richard Gere As Informal Indonesia Tourism Ambassador

Richard Gere As Informal Indonesia Tourism Ambassador
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This is a kind of old story but still worth to read. Everybody knows who Richard Gere is, right? Hollywood actor Richard Gere held a meeting with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) on Sunday, 26 June 2011. Although he didn't tell where the meeting took place, Minister of Culture and Tourism (Minister of Culture), Jero Wacik, justified this meeting. Jero admitted that he had invited Richard Gere to Indonesia, to re-promote Borobudur temple after eruption of Merapi, some time ago. After studying law, Richard who is also a devout Hindu, agreed to come to Indonesia with his wife and two children. "I sent the letter, and he came yesterday. This morning I met him at the office, and we talked a lot about movies," said Jero told reporters on Sunday (26 / 6). Jero explained that the Indonesian government offered to facilitate if  Hollywood stars are willing to make films in Indonesia. According to Minister of Culture, Richard requested to meet President Yudhoyono. "Because it's Sunday, the President  finally said,' Well, it's okay.' Then Richard came with his wife and son. I came with my wife. And the President was accompanied by First Lady," said Jero. The meeting of Richard Gere and  family with President Yudhoyono took about 1 hour. From this intimate encounter, the star of the movie Pretty Woman, declared his intention to participate in promoting Indonesia and he also want to be involved in humanity program in Indonesia. Jero said that the conversation became more intimate when they revealed Richard and the President was born in the same year, 1949. "I was born in the same year too. So we have the same zodiac (shio). We are also well suited. After his visit to Indonesia, I asked  Richard to be an informal Indonesian Tourism Ambassador. He'll tell story about Borobudur, Indonesia, SBY, and Jero Wacik," Jero said. Furthermore, Jero admitted that there is no fee to bring in Richard and his family to Indonesia. Which means Richard Gere  is not paid to come to Indonesia. But, the government facilitates all their needs during their journey in Indonesia. It is considered to be important, especially as part of the promotion of Indonesia. "He'll stay at Borobudur for one night. Last night, arrived in Jakarta. Then tonight he's going to Borobudur. Next morning, he'll watch the sunrise at the top of the temple. After that he'll go for a vacation in Bali. He wants to enjoy privacy in Bali," Jero said again, explaining the arrival and activities of Richard Gere who played in the film Sommersby, Intersection, Primal Fear, The Jackal, Runaway Bride, Autumn in New York, Chicago, Shall We Dance, I'm Not There, Hachiko: A Dog 's Story, and Brooklyn Finest. Source: Translated and re-written for Good News From Indonesia by Elvira Silviani Edited by Farah Fitriani

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