Optimistic Indonesian

Optimistic Indonesian
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As the night comes I find myself sitting around some young Indonesian whose voices are soaring in the air, as if resisting to the sound of music coming from the next room. They are discussing and delivering words to each other. They are 20-something, high-spirited, optimistic and encouraging each other toward a better Indonesia. I am amazed. Having bored encountering so many bad accounts about Indonesia which made up the most of our local televisions and newspapers, I am delighted that there are, still, some Indonesians insist to deliver good stories. Quoting one of my blogger friends: they are dreaming of Indonesia to be known by the rest of the world by other than the stories about natural disasters, scandalous politicians, Islamic militant, human right abuses and so on. That was a couple of days ago in a small café in Bandung, where some new contributors for this websites, including me, met with the others to share our ideas. The gathering was held in the vein of restoring optimism by telling the world the bright side of Indonesia. The day after, I told some of my friends who like to write good stories about Indonesia. I also told my colleagues in the house and in the university. Some of them are highly motivated to contribute and share their stories with GNFI. However, some of them questioned my intention and full of doubt about what GNFI could possibly accomplish. As for me, this reflects our community, the Indonesian in general. Some are very optimistic while the others are full of doubt. I am wondering whether if one is confronting these two sides into oneself mind would create a realistic person or not. Nevertheless, this is a challenge for GNFI. We have to work harder spreading good news and telling the world fascinating stories about Indonesia regardless of pessimism and doubt around us. I am an optimist like I used to be. And I have never been this optimistic about the future of this country. Thanks a lot, GNFI.

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