University of Padjadjaran Students to Participate in Global Model United Nations in South Korea

University of Padjadjaran Students to Participate in Global Model United Nations in South Korea
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This year, University of Padjadjaran (Unpad) will send their delegations to Global Model United Nations (GMUN) 2011 which will be held in Incheon, South Korea on August 10-14, 2011. The theme of GMUN 2011 is “Sustainable Development Advancing Human Progress in Harmony with Nature”. There will be 13 students from many faculties in Unpad that will participate in GMUN where they will act as they are delegations from many countries in United Nations simulation. They are Elizabeth Arden Madonna (Faculty of Law), Meizar Usteavie (Faculty of Law), Muhammad Hidayat (Faculty of Law), Murni Handayani Sari (Faculty of Law), Rizka Mantini (Faculty of Law), Adriane Widyaningdita W (Faculty of Economics), Muhammad Ali Akbar (Faculty of Economics), Veneta Ayu Prabarini (Faculty of Economics), Afra Ahimsa (Faculty of Socials and Politics), Dyah Ayu Prima Rukmi (Faculty of Socials and Politics), Farah Rheina (Faculty of Socials and Politics), Dona Sherena Selvia (Faculty of Literature) and Dwi Fitriah Arrisandi (Faculty of Agriculture). One of terms and conditions for people who want to participate on GMUN is they have already participated on the previous Model United Nations (MUN) before, such as Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN), World Model United Nations (WorldMUN), Jakarta Model United Nations (JMUN), Indonesia Model United Nations (IndonesiaMUN) and many more. So, GMUN is not the first MUN they participated. “We can see how every country tries to solve problems of the world where it connected to every country as well in this event”, said Rizka when she’s been asked for how many times she had participated in MUN. She also revealed that by participating in this event, students will gain experiences and networking. While Elizabeth revealed the reason why she is participating in this event because as university students, she has to know about international issues and learn how to diplomacy, negotiate and make relationship between countries. So the students can improve the diplomacy in Indonesia. The delegation admits that they have prepared for many things before they leave. They said that they are doing their best to get the best result. “We are representatives from Unpad, so we must do our best so that we will not embarrassed ourselves in Korea”, said Dona Sherena. In the simulation, they will present different countries which have already been selected by event organizer. Because of that, the most important thing to do is doing some research about the country and the committee which has been selected. “I’ve been chosen to represent Tunisia in Committee Three that discuss about education. So I must know about their government, economy and many more, especially education in Tunisia because we’ve been asked to pretend like we come from Tunisia.” explained Muhammad Hidayat. News source: Translated & rewritten for Good News From Indonesia by Cindy Frishanti Edited by Farah Fitriani

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