Expanding Indonesia Premium Rice Market

Expanding Indonesia Premium Rice Market
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Bandung has been famous for its affordable fashion stores, including factory outlets and Pasar Baru. Every weekend tourists from Malaysia and Singapore visit Bandung for shopping.  But, it turns out that fashion stores are not the only destination. Malaysian and singaporean tourists have a big interest in Indonesia's high quality rice. A seller in Pasar Baru mentioned that tourists usually buy Rojolele and Pandanwangi (rice) for self consumption, therefore they don't buy rice in a big amount. Only about 2-3 kilograms. In Indonesia high quality rice is only affordable for upper-middle class, this kind of rice costs about Rp 8000 - Rp 9000 per kilogram. Being able to expand the market overseas is a good opportunity. It certainly is a good news for Indonesia. Our Minister of Economy, Hatta Rajasa, was surprised knowing tourists are interested in Indonesia's premium rice. This condition must be utilized by expanding the market. "This means the demand is there," said Hatta. Credit: Yahoo! Indonesia

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