365Indonesia Day 2 - Sipiso Piso Fall

365Indonesia Day 2 - Sipiso Piso Fall
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Horas! On day 2 I  flew to East Sumatra's Karo regency to check out Sipiso Piso Fall. This highest waterfall in Indonesia is located around Lake Toba's caldera. Few things you can do here. Snapping photos for your Facebook profile picture is definitely a must once you get here. Then if you like to try your luck in catching fish with your fishing rod, there are few nice fishing pounds around in Tongging. But suggestion, you'd better get ready to camp in the beautiful open air. Comfortable hotels and inns are available in Parapat and Berastagi, the two nearest cities that are also popular tourist destinations. Sipiso Piso might not be a very special waterfall on its own. But being attached to Lake Toba with its other natural attractions makes it a great combo for outdoor adventure. Start the day with breakfast (you don't have to but it's my routine), take few pictures with Sipiso Piso fall as the background, then go down the hills via the available stairs or off the grass and ground, and walk around the fall bottom and get wet. Yes get wet, but not right under the waterfall we suggest. After all this tiring walks, you can go to Tongging village to catch your lunch at a fishing pound. You eat what you get while enjoying Lake Toba view. Once finished, you can go back to where you started from and shop for some very distinctive souvenirs for yourself and friends all in while helping local tourism. Then, up to you... Very recommended for: backpackers, hikers, mountain lovers, and anyone who likes tiring adventure. Thanks for following our adventure on 365Indonesia! Regards, Mad Photo courtesy & credits: Mad (top), IndonesiaTravel (mid) Get to know Mad via his travel blog Mad Alkatiri and twitter account @madalkatiri.

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