365Indonesia Day 7 - Cemara Besar Island, Karimun Java

365Indonesia Day 7 - Cemara Besar Island, Karimun Java
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Yeaaaaaaah....woohooooo...! 'Sup everyone! This is where I wanted to land actually before getting swept over to Bloam Bay. This chunk of island is fantastic yo! It doesn't have free Starbucks on it, but whatever. Look around, it's so amazing I can't describe it anymore... it's Cemara Besar Island, within the block of Karimun Java islands cluster, in the northern of Central Java province's offshore. I mean, the beach, the water, it's like your private swimming pool. Although you gotta watch out for rays and sharks when diving too far away and deep, but I don't think they show up too frequently. And hidden in the Java Sea, it's waves are pretty smooth. You can reach this natural private swimming pool of yours from the capital of Central Java, Semarang, or Jepara. It takes a fun 4 to 6 hours ride on a motor boat to the islands cluster. Very recommended for: snorkelers, divers, coral reefs lovers, white sand lovers, adventurers. Regards, Mad Check out my travel blog Mad Alkatiri for more cool places and follow me @madalkatiri.

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