Best Places to Eat in Surabaya

Best Places to Eat in Surabaya
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This in an article on USA Today, written by Danielle Hill. It's about travel tips in Surabaya. Surabaya is one of Indonesia's major cities, with a population of around 3 million people as of 2011. For many visitors, the city serves as a transportation hub, to change buses or trains on the way to Bali. However, if you find yourself staying in Surabaya for longer, you can take advantage of local eateries, which offer everything from traditional Indonesian specialties to international cuisine. The city features a variety of top dining spots, from food stalls to cafes. Cafes Two of Surabaya's cafes rank among Lonely Planet's top three picks for local restaurants. The Bon Café (no website; Jl Raya Gubeng 46 City Centre, Gubeng Station side of river, Surabaya; no telephone) is open for lunch and dinner and serves primarily western dishes, with a broad selection of grilled meats. The House of Sampoerna Café ( is located in the House of Sampoerna museum and cigarette factory complex, housed in an enormous colonial mansion. The cafe features stained-glass windows, and the menu has a range of Asian and Western specialties, espresso, a non-smoking section and a selection of desserts. Local Cuisine Soto Ambengan Pak Sadi (no website; Jl Ambengan 3A City Centre, Surabaya; no telephone) gets top marks for Indonesian cuisine, according to Lonely Planet. The menu features traditional chicken dishes, soups flavored with lemon grass and coriander as well as the house specialty, "soto," a typical soup dish made with meat and poultry. If you'd rather have something pulled from the nearby sea, head to New San Thauw (no website; Jl Raya Gubeng 64, Surabaya; 011-62-031-503-5776). Try the fish and crab specialty or opt for a non-traditional dish, like cassava leaf soup. You can even select your supper from the fish tank. International Fare For international cuisine, De Boliva Kitchen Jl Raya Gubeng 66, Surabaya; 011-62-031-596-3202) and Tunjungan Plaza Food Court (no website; JI Tunjungan, Surabaya; no telephone) earns high reviews. At De Boliva, the light fare includes sandwiches, crepes and an extensive choice of desserts. In Tunjungan Plaza, the food court on the fifth floor features numerous international restaurants, including a sushi bar. Vegetarian Options Among Lonely Planet's top picks, two vegetarian restaurants rank in the top 10. Ahisma (no website; Jl Kusuma Bangsa 80, Surabaya; 011-62-031-535-0466) opens for lunch and stays open late. The menu has lots of salads, soups, rice, noodle and tofu dishes. Surabaya Suki (no website; Jl Raya Gubeng 34 City Centre, Gubeng Station side of river, Surabaya; 011-62-031-501-5979) serves Chinese dishes and has a generous vegetarian selection.

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