365Indonesia Day 8 - Sabesi Island, Lampung

365Indonesia Day 8 - Sabesi Island, Lampung
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I'm sure you guys know the show Survival or Lost, right? If you like them, and want to taste the real wild adventure, come here to Sabesi Island. Yeah, I was craving for some rough challenge after all the spoiling experiences on the beaches and in underwater world so far. This island, even though it's got not less stunningly beautiful beach and underwater, offers a combination of off road adventure as well. It's rocky, beachy, woody, and freshy! Look at the pic above, as soon as you land on the beach you can get lost in the jungle and start your adventure. Once done and tired, you can go back out lying on the beach or swim around in the fresh water. By the way, this island is actually a mountain just like Anak Krakatau, but no worries, it's not as active and it's inhabited. You can get here via the same route to Kiluan Bay. Hmm, two killer spots next to each other, it means combo adventure! very recommended for: backpackers, trekkers, swimmers, Survival and Lost lovers. Regards, Mad Check out my travel blog Mad Alkatiri for more cool places and follow me @madalkatiri.

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