365Indonesia Day 13 - Bathing Elephant in Tangkahan, North Sumatra

365Indonesia Day 13 - Bathing Elephant in Tangkahan, North Sumatra
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As I promised you guys, I'm going up north. This time I stopped by in Tangkahan, North Sumatra. What's so cool about this place? It's within the area of Gunung Leuser National Park, so it's got a set of fun adventures for you. First, there's river rafting. Second, you can trek the forests and explore the caves. Then, there's elephant ride in the jungle. And elephant is what I came for. Not only you'll watch elephants, ride on them, but also you could bath them. No worries, they're friendly and used to interact with human. So, I gave a bath to an elephant. Much more fun and exciting than I thought, he was just lying in the river like already knowing it's the time for some treatment. Yeah, they're the VIPs there! If you want to experience a Jurassic Park-like adventure, come here and get lost in the jungle! Or if you wonder how it's like to be Tarzan riding on his elephant friend, Tantor, then you can here... but you get to keep your pants on. You can go to Tangkahan from Medan, it'll take approximately 3 hours via the good roads. There are some other ways if you like it more adventurous. And the entire complex has been arranged to be an eco-friendly adventure. Very recommended for: adventurers, forest backpackers, river rafting lovers, nature/environment lovers. Regards, Mad Check out my travel blog Mad Alkatiri for more cool places and follow me @madalkatiri.

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