365Indonesia Day 14 - Enjoying the Quiet Beach in Palambak Island

365Indonesia Day 14 - Enjoying the Quiet Beach in Palambak Island
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Hello guys! For the fourteenth day of 365Indonesia project, I'd like to show you an amazing picture of Palambak Island. Located in the Banyak Archipelago, Aceh Singkil, this island is perfect for people who are tired of big cities and craving for some quietness. Here in Palambak Island, only three cottages left, one for the tourist to stay, the other two is for restaurant and Mr. John, who runs this island with his wife. There's no electricity in this island, so you might enjoy a total-do-nothing-beside-resting-and-enjoying-the-view day, but you'll still be able to get phone signal, since it's near Balai Island. Palambak Island is very beautiful to see in the morning. White sands, clear sea water, tall coconut trees, make a perfect combination to accompany your resting. But resting isn't the only thing to do in Palambak Island. You can also do kayaking, sunbathing, and swimming. To get here first you have to fly to Banda Aceh, then to Banyak Archipelago, and end your journey in Palambak Island. If you want to stay in this island for one night, it will cost you 60,000 Rupiah (~US $8). It's cheap, and trust me, it's worth it. Regards, Mad Check out my travel blog Mad Alkatiri for more cool places and follow me @madalkatiri.

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