Shocking Lion!

Shocking Lion!
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Lion Air, a Jakarta-based airline, the nation's biggest airline in number of passengers has just shocked Seattle, where Boeing's headquarter located. They were once shocked by 178 firm orders from Lion for a brand new Boeing 737-900 Extended Range, now they are shocked by Lion Air's new order for 201 brand new Boeing 737 Max, and another 29 B737-900ER  ( I suspect that 737 Max is to compete head to head against Airbus A320 Neo).

It's a big move. It's a $21.7 billion deal. $21.7 is like the whole money of New Zealand's forex reserve. Told you, it's big.

Currently, Lion Air is world's largest operator of Boeing 737-900ER, and will be Asia's first operator of Boeing 737 Max.

Next question for Lion is...what's next?

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