Welcome Aboard, WiFi

Welcome Aboard, WiFi
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Passengers flying on Indonesia’s national carrier, Garuda, will be able to surf the Web and send emails on eight new airplanes starting next year.

Garuda Indonesia’s president director Emirsyah Satar announced in Jakarta at a talk today that Wi-Fi will be provided starting in 2012.

According to Emirsyah, the plan is still in the early stages. To make surfing the web a possibility at 30,000 feet, the company will have to spend a large amount.

“We need to spend $100,000 for one airplane,” he said.

Garuda has confirmed their plan with the Ministry of Transportation because based on Indonesian aviation laws, communication device usage is prohibited on planes.

Emirsyah said the Wi-Fi service will focus on text messaging and e-mail services, instead of call features.

Garuda spokesman Ikhsan Rosan said Internet service will be installed on Garuda’s newly imported airplanes: Airbus 330-200 and Boeing 737-800NG. The Boeing 777-300ER already features the service and will be shipped to Indonesia in May 2013.

“The most important thing is Garuda can improve their service for customers,” Ikhsan added.

By 2015, Garuda Indonesia plans to increase its number of airplanes used for both domestic and international flights from 84 to 154.


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