Yesterday, I took you to West Nusa Tenggara. Today, I will take you to Indramayu, West Java. Maybe you feel tired because I take you move back and forth to every cool places around Indonesia every single day, but if you ask me, it is worth it. On the 16th day, I have already post about the shy Nemo in Derawan island. This Nemo in the picture above is not found in Derawan island. It is found in the bottom of the sea of Biawak island. And I also have told you about Biawak island on the 23rd day. So, do not just enjoy a beautiful scenery from the beach, go diving and snorkeling to complete your experience visiting Biawak island.   Regards, Mad Check OUT my travel blog Mad Alkatiri for more cool places and follow me @madalkatiri!  

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