365Indonesia Day 30 - Lake Toba, North Sumatra

365Indonesia Day 30 - Lake Toba, North Sumatra
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Horas! I have already posted about Sipiso-piso Fall, one of tourism spots in North Sumatra. Today, I'm going to tell you about Lake Toba. Lake Toba is the biggest lake in Indonesia, second largest lake in Southeast Asia and the largest volcanic lake in the world! It is located in Simalungun regency in North Sumatra and Parapat is a small twon at the edge of Lake Toba. Parapat is 176 km from Medan and can be reached in less than 6 hours by public bus. The bus has two routes: Medan-Parapat or via Medan-Berastagi and costs approximately 30,000 rupiahs. You can buy a spot in a private air conditioned taxi from Medan to Parapat for 65,000 rupiahs one way. The trip takes around 4 hours. Travel agents in Medan can also organize a rental car plus a chauffeur for you. Medan is an international gateway. A number of airlines fly daily between Medan and all major cities in Indonesia and international flights also go from Medan to Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Once you arrive in Parapat, you can catch the ferry to Samosir Island. The ferry goes every hour and a half from 9 – 5pm. The two landing points on Samosir are the traditional village of Tomok, or Tuk Tuk, where the islands hotels and restaurants are concentrated. If you are coming overland from the south via Bukittinggi and Tarutung there is a public bus available. Article taken from www.indonesia.travel. Regards, Mad Check my blog travel Mad Alkatiri for more cool places and follow me @madalkatiri!

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