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Sharp eyes

Akhyari Hananto
Akhyari Hananto
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Sharp eyes

PT Sharp Electronics Indonesia will build a JPY -10 billion- (US$128.156 million) factory in Jakarta next year in anticipation of the rising demand for household appliances from the market.

The new factory, which is scheduled to operate in 2013, is expected to double the production of electronic household appliances, such as refrigerators and washing machines, according to Nikkan Kougyou, as reported by

In 2011, Sharp had received a demand of 3 million units of refrigerators and 1.8 million units of washing machines. The demand is expected to keep rising over the next 10 years in accordance with the encouraging economic condition in Indonesia.

Sharp also plans to move the production of LCD televisions from its factory in Pulo Gadung, East Jakarta, to the new factory.

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