TNI wins international shooting competition

TNI wins international shooting competition
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[The Jakarta Post]: A team from the Indonesian Military (TNI) has become the overall victor at the Brunei International Skill-At-Arms Meet for the third time. Previously, Indonesia snatched the top rank in 2005 and 2008. The TNI beat contingents from the United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia and Malaysia at the event, which was held from Jan. 12 to 29 in Brunei. The team finished in first place with 82 gold, 30 silver and eight bronze medals and nine honorary trophies from the individual and group categories, TNI team leader Col. Raharyono said on Tuesday as reported by In the individual category, the TNI brought home nine gold, seven silver, and four bronze medals and 73 gold, 23 silver and four bronze medals in the group category. TNI chief Adm. Agus Suhartono praised the contingent upon its return to Cilangkap, West Java, on Sunday, cautioning the officers and soldiers not to get carried away with their accomplishment. Indonesian soldiers have dominated military shooting competitions both in the regional and international levels such as among ASEAN countries and contingents serving the UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon.(sat/mtq)

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