Indonesian Filmmaker Edwin to Receive ‘New Talent Award’

Indonesian Filmmaker Edwin to Receive ‘New Talent Award’
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Indonesian-Chinese filmmaker Edwin will receive the Edward Yang Award for New Talent at this year’s Asian Film Awards in March. Edwin’s new movie “Kebun Binatang” (“Postcards From The Zoo”), a story about a girl raised by a giraffe keeper, premieres Wednesday at the Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale), and will compete for the coveted Golden Bear against an entry from Billy Bob Thornton and a film about Marie Antoinette staring Diane Kruger, Edwin said the Yang award validates his hard work as a director over the last few years. “I am excited by the news of this award,” Edwin said. “It’s both a vindication of what I’ve been doing, and an encouragement for me as a filmmaker. It’s an honor for me and independent film in Indonesia.” Edwin will be the third filmmaker who has earned the award commemorating Taiwanese filmmaker Edward Yang, who passed away in 2007 in the sixth edition of the Asian Film Awards. Edwin’s first short film “Kara” premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2007, while “Anak Sebatang Pohon” (“Son of a Tree”) premiered in 2005 at Berlinale. His first feature in 2008, “Babi Buta Yang Ingin Terbang” (“Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly”) also made the rounds on the international film festival circuit through South Korea, Seattle and Greece. That film was set among the social and racial tension of urban Indonesia and followed several characters on a bizarre journey to live a better life. taken from The Jakarta Globe

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