Jokowi to test drive Esemka car from Solo to Jakarta

Jokowi to test drive Esemka car from Solo to Jakarta
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Surakarta Mayor Joko “Jokowi” Widodo, a controversial figure behind the production of the Esemka car assembled by vocational high school students, is scheduled to test drive the car from Surakarta in Central Java to Jakarta in the coming weeks. The car has been prepared to undergo emission tests at the thermodynamics, motor and propulsion system center at the Agency for Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT). Surakarta deputy mayor Hadi Rudyatmo confirmed the test drive plan. “If [we transport the car] by truck, we will never know the real condition of the car on the road,” Rudyatmo said as quoted by Rudyatmo added that the trip from Surakarta would take four days as the car would stop every 100 kilometers. “Mr. Mayor plans to visit some cities [en route to Jakarta] to display the car to the public,” he said. According to him, the 1,500-cc car managed to conquer some climbing roads in Tawangmangu, Karanganyar last week. “We need some small improvements in its lighting to allow its lamps to better illuminate the road signs during night travel,” he said, adding that the repair work is expected to be completed by the weekend. Jokowi expressed his confidence that the car would pass the test. “I previously had a bit of doubt about its capacity, but after a test drive to Tawangmangu last week, now I am convinced that the car is road worthy to Jakarta,” Jokowi said. Jokowi said that the car would stop certain cities in order to encourage students of vocational high schools elsewhere to produce similar innovations. According to him, two cities have requested being stop-overs for the car; Bandung and Cirebon. taken from The Jakarta Post

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